Outer Space is a mix and match ecosystem of auto-generatin liquidity, DOUBLE reward and buy back function.

A New Concept to the Existing Reward Tokens which is no more working since they are hard to Trade with Profit Because of their Uncompensated High Taxes, actually Fake Takes.

Contract Address: TBA.
What is Outer Space?
Outer Space is a BEP20 token with low taxes and beautiful tokenomics created by talented designers, expert blockchain devs and marketed by gurus. After several months of traveling through a lot of tokens on Binance Smart Chain we noticed that it is still very difficult for investors to make sure that the new launches coming up are not HoneyPot or RugPull. Our team will make sure to propose only safe and ambitious projects and we have created a temporary Renounce Ownership contract that should be used by anyone who wants to launch a token on our platform. We will also make sure to check the completeness of the contracts and tokenomics of all launches taking place on Outer Space.
Inherent utility and functionality
Outer Space employs a new generation of smart contracts. The first double reflection rewards, hyper-deflationary, frictionless, yield-generating, and minable contract. Outer Space will have intrinsic utility and functionality. You'll will have the ability to stake, mine, and farm in high APR pools. With our burn mechanism, buy-back function and contract enhancements, Outer Space becomes the world’s first TRUE hyper deflationary token.
Highly incentivizing & innovative
Outer Space generation 4 contract is highly incentivizing and innovative. Our 10% double rewards tokenomics and our Lightning payouts will provide a lucrative and sustainable income for the community while preserving the token price. Our buy-back & burn plus liquidity generation system simultaneously increases the price and scarcity of the token, while constructing a higher price floor, and reducing volatility.

Outer Space is your next favorite rewards token on BSC! Double reward in $BTC and $ETH. All these rewards come with an automatic buyback, auto-liquidity, anti-bot and anti-whale system.

What more could you want? Prepare your best forks and get ready to stuff your face with Outer Space!

Algorithm and Tokenomics.

Double Rewards
10% of every transaction is accumulated for dividends to holders
in $BTC and $ETH

10% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all holders in proportion to their $OSPACE holdings as rewards in BTC & ETH.

Buy-back & Burn
1% buy-back & burn plus 3% liquidity generation

0.5% of every buy and 0.5% of every sell transaction is supplied to the buy-back and burn fund. Once the system detects a sell, it will automatically buy back a certain value of tokens & burn them and fund the liquidity pool. This is how a true burn mechanism works.

Selling fee is 1.3x higher than the buying fee

An extra fee is applied to all sell transactions. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales' control & manipulation of the asset.

Become part of one the fastest growing crypto communities ever created.

With tens of thousands of active users across multiple social platforms, Outer Space aims to be a true community token.